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Worship Software Pro7

Presentation Manager - Praise and Worship Software for Church Projection

  • Included song and Bible database.
  • Text over video.
  • Play DVD segments and flash media files.
  • Dual Preview Mode 
  • Show different presentation on two projectors 
  • Designed so spontaneous changes don't disrupt worship.
If your church has outgrown PowerPoint take your worship presentations to the next level with Presentation Manager Pro.

Multimedia Features

  • Designed for Spontaneous or Scheduled Worship, easily add data to a prepared program and quickly switch between several loaded playlists. Great for liner or non-linear presenting.
  • Dual monitor display allows the operator to make changes on his screen without affecting the projected image, perfect for distraction free worship.
  • Triple monitor support allows two projectors to be controlled separately. Special dual playlist can be defined with single ot two slides. DVDs play on botyh screens
  • Drag and drop interface makes the software easy to use and extremely fast when making changes during service.
  • Display anti-aliased text over live video or movie files in several formats.
  • Muliple concurrent template defintions for songs or Scriptyre display formats.
  • Dual preview mode wiht advanced mixer
  • Transfer programs from one computer to another in a single file or piece together a program from several computers.
  • Import songs from CCLI Song Select online.
  • Built in Song-Editor with formating options (Version 7 does not yet have a spell checker)
  • Nursery Alert box for displaying numbers, sets of numbers, or messages during worship.
  • Version 7 does not load PowerPoint Presentations. If there is demand we will add this. Power point can be once together with PM without any interference, ie it is Seamless to switch between PowerPoint and Presentation Manager
  • Highlight,underline, reformat, etc. scripture texts to emphasize a point.
  • The built in background and graphic editor can change the color of a background or image entity, change their shape, rotate, etc. Graphics can be made semi-transparent.
  • Setup looping announcement slides.